Frequently asked questions

4G Internet

Will I get 4G broadband in my area?

Using you address and postcde we can work out which is the best nework provider in your area. When we come to do the test, we will be able quickly detemine which nework will give you the fastest speed. We then us our test kit to find the best location for the antenna,

What if I can't receive a 4G signal on my mobile phone at my home?

We only install 4G router with high gain antennas or outdoor router with built-in antennas. They are install at roof level of your property and are much stronger than the antenna you have in you, so can pick up signal from a transmitter many miles away that your phone will never reach.

Are the unlimited data plan totally unlimited?

If you buy a 4G home broadband package from one of the network providers, this will most likely have no caps. Where as if you buy a mobile sim and put it in a 4G router it usually has a limit of 1000GB per month. If you go over this amount you may be contacted by the operator. It is quite hard to get over this limit, unless you download lots of large file or do a very large amount of streaming.

Can I use a phone with my 4G home internet?

It possible to setup a VOIP account, which will give you a local phone number. You can then connect your phone to the 4G router and make call. The cost of VOIP calls are very cheap, usually around 1.5p/min for calls to the UK, Europe and many other countries.

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