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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have poor mobile reception where I am, will 4G broadband work for me?
    According to Ofcom, 4G covers 99% of the UK population. This means almost everyone is covered by at least one of the main network operators. The 4G broadband systems we install all have an external antenna installed at roof height. The antennas we install are significantly better at receiving signal than your mobile phone. This makes it possible for 4G broadband to work even if you are receiving little or no mobile signal at your property.
  • What speeds should I expect with 4G Broadband?
    Many factors affect the speed you receive - distance from the transmitter, how good the line of sight is to the transmitter, etc. This is why we feel it is important to offer a free, no-obligation, survey of you property to determine the likely download and upload speeds. The minimum speeds we aim to achieve are 40-60mbps download, and 10-20mbps upload. In many cases we achieve higher speeds than the minimum.
  • Will 4G Broadband work with all my devices at the same time?
    The router we install will allow you to connect up to 64 devices. Assuming we achieve a good download speed of 40-60mbps, there should be no problem using your devices at the same time.
  • My current WiFi doesn't cover all of my property, will this improve with the 4G Broadband?
    The 4G routers we supply are much higher quality than the ones supplied by the network operators. With improved positioning of the router we are able to achieve around 50% better WiFi coverage. If you have a very large property and the WiFi is not getting to every corner, we can supply mesh WiFi units. They provide a single seamless network and a strong WiFi signal everywhere. Please see the WiFi section of our website for more details.
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