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Connecting Devon & Somerset Voucher Scheme

Get a Voucher for a FREE 4G Broadband installation or up to £1300 towards a Mobile phone signal booster

The scheme reopens for new applications Spring 2024

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Don't let poor mobile phone reception hold you back. Get a mobile phone signal booster installed today.

Are you tired of dropped calls and slow internet inside your property? Are you located far from your nearest mobile tower? Let us help you improve your mobile phone reception with our professional 4G mobile phone booster installation services.

We provide a comprehensive solution that includes supplying and installing a high-gain antenna on the roof of your property, optimizing its alignment to your preferred network provider. This powerful antenna feeds into a signal booster inside your property, which then distributes the boosted signal with an indoor server antenna.

With our mobile phone signal booster, you will enjoy clear calls, fast internet, and reliable service throughout your entire property. No more missing important calls, or not being able to receive security codes for online banking. Say goodbye to weak signal and hello to enhanced connectivity.

Don't let poor mobile phone reception hold you back. Contact us to schedule your installation and improve your mobile phone reception today.

HiBoost Multi-band Repeater

Hi10-5S-PRO the all new five band repeater, covering all UK network operators. With 65db of gain the repeater has a coverage of up to 1500sqm. The HiBoost repeater is compliant with all Ofcom standards  for use in the UK.


HiBoost repeaters are supplied with everything you need for installation. Hi10-5S-Pro model’s standard kit includes:

  •   Mobile signal booster

  •   Outdoor directional antenna

  •   50 ft (15.2m) low-loss HiBoost 5D cables

  •   12V/ 4A, AC/DC power supply

Cel-Fi GO G41 mobile signal booster

The Cel-Fi G41 can boost all mobile networks, but can only boost one network at once. The booster has up to 100dB of gain, giving up to 1500 sqm of coverage. This make it a great solution for large homes and small businesses. 

Whilst the G41 can only boost one main network at once, unlike other units you don’t need to buy a new unit if you change network in the future. Simply use the Wave app (which you will need to download during installation) and you can easily change the settings within a few seconds.


How mobile phone signal boosters works?

house and tower showing how a mobile phone signal booster works






Receive Signal

The outside antenna receives the signal from the mobile mast to access voice and data signals.


Boosts Signal

The booster amplifies the outside signal and sends it to the internal antenna.


Internal Signal

The internal antenna broadcasts the signal to the devices inside the property.


Mobile Signal

The signal to the mobile phone will now show a strong 4G signal allowing access to calls and data.

If you have any questions or need more information about how our boosters can help you stay connected, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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