4G Unlimited Broadband, Get fast internet where other provider can't reach.

We provide high speed 4G internet to homes and businesses in Somerset and Dorset.

 Get in contact today and we will get you connected fast.

Why choose us?

Unlimited data packages from £20 per month.


All networks covered, we connect you to the best mobile network provider in you area.

Connect up to 64 devices tothe secure WiFi network.

Save money each month, by not needing a landline.

In low signal areas we install high gain antennas to give you the best possible signal.

We provide a free site survey to show you what speed you can get in your area. 

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Get connected to unlimited 4G broadband

Digi Home Technology can offer you a free demonstration and quote for our unlimited 4G broadband service. Even if you do not think you have a good 4G signal in your area on your mobile phone, it still may be possible to get 4G broadband. We can install a high gain external antenna that will pick up the signal from many miles away, providing strong, fast broadband to you.


We will come to your property and carry out a survey to find the best location for the antenna. At the same time, we will be able to demonstrate what internet speed you can receive when the installation is complete. We provide the best quality service, making sure we provide you with the most up to date information and equipment that is available.

Should you decide not to keep your landline we also offer Voip phone services. See Voip Phone Services