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Mesh WiFi

Do you have problems getting WiFi to all areas of your home or business? We have a range of solutions?

We can come and carry out a site survey to determine the most cost effective solution for your home or business. We will provide you with a single seamless network, so wherever you are you will have high speed internet and no need to reconnect to separate WiFi networks.

The most reliable mesh WiFi networks are when you are using wired Ethernet access points. This is not always possible due to the structure and aesthetics reasons, as each access point needs data cable running to it. In this case we would deploy a home hybrid mesh WiFi system. This uses a mixture of wired and wireless connections to achieve the same full WiFi coverage.

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Home data network

Even though most home networks are now WiFi, there are still good reasons why you may want a cabled network. These days most new TV’s are smart and require connecting to the internet for the On-demand services. This can usually be achieved in two ways WiFi or a wired connection and although WiFi is reliable most of the time, it can occasionally let you down. This is the same for the new Sky Q boxes which need linking to your network for the mini boxes to operate. As these can be quite data intensive, it’s advised to use a wired connection.


There are lots of other reasons why you would require a wired network, such as you may have a home office with many devices to connect, or you may have a very large house with thick walls, which WiFi achieved much more effectively with a wired network.


Digi Home Technology can provide you with a wired network connection that will prevent any issues with your Sky boxes, Smart TVs, or any other device you wish to connect.