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Connecting Devon & Somerset Mobile Boost Scheme

Connecting Devon and Somerset have recently been awarded more funding for the Mobile Boost Scheme from The Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, with whom Digi Home Technology is proud to be a registered supplier.


The Connecting Devon and Somerset Mobile Boost Scheme has been designed to help small businesses and households who are currently experiencing problems with their connectivity. The scheme is expected to reopen Spring 2024. CDS Application form

The Scheme Options Available

The programme allows businesses and households to apply for a voucher towards the cost of their installation.


The scheme offers two key solutions:

Option 1: 4G router & external antenna that will improve your broadband speed, and enable you to make mobile phone calls via WiFi calling. For the 4G Broadband option the voucher is worth £650, which will cover the installation and equipment. This has no contribution from the home or business owner, but requires a monthly fee for a SIM card (averaging circa £20 per month). 

Option 2: A mobile phone booster option to improve mobile phone reception inside your home or business. For the mobile signal booster, the voucher is worth £1,300 towards the cost of the equipment, but also requires a contribution up to £300 towards the installation from the home or business owner.

person holding a mobile phone trying to get a good signal

Businesses and residents in Somerset, Devon, Torbay and Plymouth can apply for the scheme. They will need to complete the form in the link self-certifying that they cannot receive an adequate indoor 4G mobile signal. Once approved, a voucher code will be emailed to the applicant which can be used towards one of the two options available.

How the Process Works

Once you receive your voucher code please fill out the form and provide as much information as possible, such as size of property and network required. We can then arrange a date for the initial survey.


On the day of the survey, if you choose the 4G broadband option, we will demonstrate what download speeds are achievable on each mobile network. If you choose the mobile signal booster we will demonstrate the mobile signal improvement in your property. In both cases we will also look at where the equipment can be located and where cables can be installed. In some cases a plug socket for the booster or 4G router may need to be installed.

On the day of the installation, if you have chosen the 4G option you will need to have the sim for the router if you are supplying it yourself. If you have chosen the Mobile signal booster you will need to have your mobile phone available on the network you have chosen, so we can confirm your device is receiving a strong 4G signal.

All installations on the scheme are covered by a 12 month guarantee, this gives you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong after installation we will come back and fix it.

Fill in the form below to arrange your Free  Survey.

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